Randy is a family law lawyer who might have been a mechanical engineer. His passion is building and fixing things. When not at the office, he can usually be found in his shop, The Little Bowen Island Garage Corp., a co-op enterprise that builds and restores classic motorcycles and just about anything else mechanical.

Randy’s approach to family breakdown and separation is not that much different than his approach to mechanical breakdown and dysfunction: understand how a functional system works, break it down to its component parts and apply modern knowledge of materials and process to fix and improve on what is not working into a product that will give many years of future enjoyment. And do not pretend that you know everything; work with others who are expert in their respective fields to fill in the gaps that we have in our own abilities.

In family law, Randy has a rich and varied background. His formal academic education includes a Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy from the University of Toronto, a Law degree from the University of Calgary and a Master of Arts degree in Conflict Analysis and Management from Royal Roads University. Randy is not only accomplished in how to argue but also in how to resolve arguments. In addition to his formal education, Randy has been a Law Society accredited Family Law Mediator since 1994, received his Collaborative Law training in 2002 and is a senior member and past co-chair of Collaborative Divorce Vancouver. Randy is also an accredited Family Law Arbitrator.

Randy has focused his law practice on families for the past 25 years, in which he has represented clients at all levels of court in British Columbia. Despite his experience in litigation, Randy has actively pursued and pushed for more functional ways at less cost to help his clients and separating families make the difficult decisions that flow from separation. He initiated “Better Breakups Inc.” with a psychologist in the mid-1990’s to create an interdisciplinary process for separating spouses that would meet both emotional and legal needs. He was the co-founder of the Collaborative Centre in 2004, which was the first multi-disciplinary collaborative centre catering to separating spouses in Canada, and remains a leading edge member of the local and international collaborative communities.

Randy has also had intensive corporate and business experience as a co-founder of Innovative Rail Catering Development (Canada) Inc., and Clark Group Asia Pacific Inc., two start-up companies that attempted to establish rail catering education programs in China. Although in some ways the exercise was not successful, as a learning experience it was invaluable, not only for the in-depth business immersion, but also for the experience of doing business in China, where law and contracts take a back seat to relationships and collaboration.

At this stage of his career, Randy has downsized his office to concentrate on out of court settlement processes, such as mediation, collaboration, non-binding arbitration, arbitration and mini-arbitrations. This allows Randy to have more control over his time, keep his overhead down (and thus client costs down) and through modern technologies remain personally in touch with his clients at pretty much all times, even when he is travelling or out of the office.

When you consult with Randy, you can be guaranteed to receive genuine practical advice on where you stand and the options that may be available for you and your family to best transition through your separation or any other family issue that may be presenting itself to you.

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