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Directed mediation/non-binding arbitration
A lawyer cannot act for both sides of a dispute. If you want or obtain independent legal advice, your lawyer cannot provide any advice to your spouse. However, in many cases there is no dispute until the spouses see two different lawyers. Mediation provides a method to obtain a legal product where no advice is required or requested. As a mediator, we can draft documents for you and your spouse on your joint instructions to do so in a neutral fashion without providing you with legal advice on the documents. Where the instructions you give are at odds with the legislation or court precedent, we can direct you to that fact. An arbitrator acts as a judge and provides you with a direction on how your matter can be resolved. Binding arbitration is binding on you and your spouse in the same way as a court order would be. In mediation or non-binding arbitration you have a resolution for further discussion that should be taken to a lawyer of your choosing for independent legal advice before it becomes binding. The benefit of mediation or non-binding arbitration is that you will have some perspective on how the law relates to your issues before seeing your lawyer and the document you are getting advice on will be neutrally drafted instead of being drafted by one spouse’s lawyer. There is no PST on mediation or non-binding arbitration which saves you 7% charged on fees.

Mediation and arbitration require a signed agreement to use the chosen process that articulates our respective roles and limitations. The agreement will be emailed to you in your initial package. If you are seeking legal advice from us, we will not be able to provide any advice to your spouse and the product may not be received as neutrally drafted.

In all cases a suitable form of identification will be required from you as part of the Law Society’s efforts to combat the use of proceeds from crime being laundered through legal services. In addition, a personal questionnaire will have to be answered that will not be shared with your spouse to ensure that your chosen process addresses any power, control or abuse issues that may be perceived by either spouse.