What is Organic Divorce?


We view separation as the evolution of a relationship, not a failure so we can concentrate on the legal issues that must be addressed fairly and in accordance with the prevailing legislation in an efficient, respectful and cost effective manner.

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Getting Started


The period immediately following a decision to separate can be the most crucial period in your separation: it is where the ground rules for the separation are determined. The process you choose and the professionals in that process can make a significant difference to efficiency and cost. Choose wrong and it may be difficult to regain control. Learn what to look for, what the law says and what to avoid.

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Main Services


Once we have determined the process that will best fit your needs, we can assist with facilitating that process and putting together a team of experts, as required, to ensure that you are making the right decisions for yourself and your family. We offer sliding scale and fixed fee rates for some of our services to keep property and income in your hands rather than ours.

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Further Options


Not all families require a formalized process to meet their needs. Making decisions now on what you want in the event you separate means you do not have to worry about your rights and obligations if you do separate. That can take a lot of pressure off an ongoing relationship or it can relieve your family of a lot of stress if you do separate. Or maybe you have reached an agreement already. We can paper your agreement or assist you with obtaining a divorce order at a reasonable cost.

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Post Agreement


Few relationships end with divorce, they are just changed by it. There are often decisions to be considered well after the agreement or court order is made. Perhaps there are material financial changes necessitating a variation of child or spousal support. Or maybe your agreement calls for a review of support or other issues. Look at our unique, simple and inexpensive options for coming to decisions on these issues. Have you reconciled following a separation and want to know what may have to be adjusted in your agreement? Or are you moving ahead with a new marriage/relationship and have questions on how that might affect you or your new spouse’s rights and obligations in light of the agreement or order from the prior relationship?

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